Thursday, 21 August 2008

Working M.O.M.'s

This targeted approach to Moms by Moms is smart on a number of fronts. First, statistics show that a person is more receptive to word of mouth advertising or in this case from a peer than from the more any of the number of traditional approaches. Also,"Since they listen to their children’s music and watch their children’s television programs, they aren't finding out about new music, cosmetics, books and other good stuff," via TV, radio and print advertising anyway. With this approach they can be marketed to while they're in their environment, at malls or the gym or at get togethers with other moms at playgroups and schools.

I could only imagine these moms need to work in some degree of transparency and let friends know that they're on the clock. Being invited to a friends for a gathering is alot different then showing up and realizing its a Tupperware party.

Check them out here

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Sophisticated skinny dipping

Shenanigans are made easy for todays youth. Apparently, U.K. teenagers are using Google Earth to target their swimming pools and social networking tools like Facebook or Bebo to alert their friends. Totally fun, there's definitely a scavenger hunt idea for some campaign here.

via Viralblog

Friday, 8 August 2008

Gatorade scores!

In my book, this video scores a home run. It displays many of the qualities of videos that have gone viral; its simplicity, visual appeal, and the unknown factor: is it fact or fiction. And one of the biggest factors that I would attribute to its success is its lack of ownership or branding which caused a lot of intrigue and gave my brain permission to suspend its sense of disbelief. Had it a touch more branding, even the slightest hint would have changed how I perceived this video. Kudos to Gatorade for taking the risk.

Catch it here

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Fosters introduced a new, "in-can widget" known as the ‘Scuba,’ which eliminates big bubbles to create a lager thats goes down smoother. What I find really nice about this campaign is that instead of explaining the mechanics of destroying bubbles they show it to you. An enormous tank with a bubble maker was built in the National Marine Aquarium where Fosters then engaged you by making the destruction of the unwanted intruders a competition with a sweet prize.

visit the site here