Thursday, 21 August 2008

Working M.O.M.'s

This targeted approach to Moms by Moms is smart on a number of fronts. First, statistics show that a person is more receptive to word of mouth advertising or in this case from a peer than from the more any of the number of traditional approaches. Also,"Since they listen to their children’s music and watch their children’s television programs, they aren't finding out about new music, cosmetics, books and other good stuff," via TV, radio and print advertising anyway. With this approach they can be marketed to while they're in their environment, at malls or the gym or at get togethers with other moms at playgroups and schools.

I could only imagine these moms need to work in some degree of transparency and let friends know that they're on the clock. Being invited to a friends for a gathering is alot different then showing up and realizing its a Tupperware party.

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