Monday, 30 June 2008

A hole in one for E.A.

When the game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 first came out, a feature of the game called the "Jesus shot" was posted on Youtube. Electronics Art the maker of the game responded back with this spot. Its a simple, done with a wink gesture that let their consumers know they were paying attention. Nice job E.A.

Friday, 27 June 2008


Ikea Germany's website features a 24/7 live stream of a a guy in an empty apartment waiting to receive his Ikea catalog. The idea of someone being video taped is definitely been done before but I like the extra level of engagement where
not only does he take calls from those who watch him on the web, he also Twitters
and responds to snail mail.
Strategically the absence or the waiting for the furniture to transform his place as well as his lifestyle is a really smart way to create anticipation and curiosity for the product.

Visit the site here

Saturday, 21 June 2008

A brand that delivers

“Social media can prove to be a real landmine for marketers who cling to old ways of thinking. They’ve failed to grasp the crucial fact that while traditional advertising is all about delivering product news in an engaging manner, social media is all about delivering customer utility in an unobtrusive manner."

Alan Wolk

This article ," Why Nike Embraces Brand Utility is a great example of Alan Wolk's thoughts about social media. Though Nike runs its fair share of banner ads
Nike global director of digital media Stefan Olander thinks the best way to evolve the Nike brand is by providing services that are relevant to the consumer. He sees the interwebs as," less of a marketing channel than a place for services"

One of the Nike projects that convey this philosophy is a Facebook application called ,"Ballers Network". It lets players connect with other players in their area and around the world to organize pickup games and leagues.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Coors quenches social media thirst

In an effort to to extend their reach, Coors is stepping outside of the traditional box by posting clips onto Youtube along with a Facebook application and a Coors Light presence on MySpace.

They, like all other brands are putting their best foot forward seeing what works and are running with it. On the ad biz side, agencies are learning to embrace a requisite function for new-media initiatives; cross-agency collaboration.

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Coors Light presence on MySpace