Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Consumer Generated Movie

This contest is run by Paulo Coelho, the author of a book called," The Witches of Portobello," which is told from multiple perspectives. This consumer generated contest is unique in that he asks his readership to choose a character from the book and film the segment of the book in which that character is the narrator; theres 15 in total. The winning segments are professionally edited and the film is told from the multiple perspectives. The entire movie will then be submitted to film festivals.

Another interesting aspect of this is contest is that Coelho attracts the specific talent he's looking for by hosting his contest strictly through the social network MySpace. Here he asks the users to enter the contest by uploading their work through their MySpace account. The music for the feature film, is also via MySpace inviting musicians from this venue to enter their work for some notriety and a paid fee of 1500.00 euros.

I think this contest lends itself well to being consumer generated in that it will actually be told by many different voices and the fact that he draws his talent from a social network makes it feel more authentic or home grown.

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